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The Werewolfe's War Path Since 1692

Thiess Armory was founded and established in 2017. With a natural streak of the warrior within, and the nocturnal craving to satisfy the curiosity of lore, Thiess Armory brings you a unique breed of selection when it comes to sounding the midnight battle cry! Werewolf warriors unite - Our company's title and logo were both selected based off of the notorious legend of Thiess of Kaltenbrun of 1692. With a historical account of leadership and loyalty driving behind the eyes of a werewolf warrior ... you are sure to find the battle ready weaponry and armory that you are looking for, and maybe a little survival gear to withstand the Werewolf Apocalypse! A little far fetched in his time, Thiess himself serves for a great modern inspiration ... Tour our online weapons shop and see for yourself if we don't have something that will spark your own curiousities!!! Let the hunt begin ~ Werewolf Warriors Unite!

~ Your Werewolf War Guide