The sword dates back to the bronze age, and has since been adapted in many different styles for many different purposes, and even modernized as the machete. You may be interested in buying a Functional Sword that is sharp and can be used to cut both hard and soft targets. SwordsAxe carries only the best quality Functional Swords made of 1060 and 1095 Carbon Steel, including Kawashima Steel blacksmith swords. In addition to this, we also have replica swords from Historical events, King Solomon swords, Medieval times, Japanese Samurai Katana Swords, Display quality replicas, Cosplay and Costume swords, Fantasy Swords, Zombie Slaying Apocalypse Swords, Ninja Stealth Swords, SwordCanes with concealed blades, Rapiers, Roman & Greek Era Swords, extra Large Swords, Handmade types, Anime and Game Replicas like Bleach and Zelda, Movie Swords like GI Joe and Chronicles of Narnia, and so much more.

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